Old Wardour Castle

Old Wardour Castle is a well-preserved 14th century ruin near Tisbury in Wiltshire. We recently went on a sunny winter’s day wanting to visit somewhere new and with only a 40 minute drive, not far for us to go.

It’s an imposing structure in picturesque surroundings and can be seen from a few miles away. You can wonder throughout the ruins and up the ancient stairways to take in the views. The ruined stairways in the towers are still visible as are some well preserved archways and windows.


Old Wardour Castle
DSC_0417 (1)
Side view of the ruins
Old staircase in the crumbled tower
Rear view of Old Wardour Castle
Impressive archway, probably a later addition
View from the top across the fishing lake

It doesn’t take long to wonder around the ruins and afterwards there are footpaths locally taking you beyond the castle and into the surrounding countryside to explore.

If you fancy a pint before or after visiting the castle, The Benett Arms in Semley has a great range of ales and a warm welcome awaits!


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